MY WEDDING SPEECH on January 10, 2004

INTRO:  Today is definitely the happiest day of our lives.  It is made all the more so, because you all joined us here today to celebrate our marriage. I thank you all for your kind thoughts and lovely gifts, and above all for the smiling faces we see in front of us. Obviously there are so many people to thank for the success that today has been.


First of all I will thank and give praises to God for making and overseeing the day and just enabling it to happen. Isn't it wonderful how he makes everything and every new day, (whether it's rainy or sunny)- and gives us life and opportunity to live for him.


My In-Laws I thank you for your support and encouragement. I would sincerely want to thank my father-in-law and mother-in-law for always making me feel very welcome when I come to visit. Most of all, thank you for giving me your blessing to marry your lovely daughter, Lilian. You have raised the woman of my dreams and I am honored to finally be an official part of your family.


And to my parents: Chief and Lolo Bernard Iberosi, there is so much I would like to thank you for (It is unfortunate that due to circumstances beyond our control my dad could not be here. He has some scheduled medical appointments in the States, which we did not consider necessary interrupting. But I do know that like my junior sister Mrs. Chizor Perp Dike who also could not be here and  my late junior brother Emeka- (May his soul rest in perfect peace Amen) who incidentally is the inspiration for this occasion- their spirit and best wishes are with us today. Of course my mom- Lolo Roseline Iberosi-God bless your heart for all your love and support over the years and all the help you have given us. We can't repay you enough for everything you have done during the build up to this wedding. Mom we love you from the bottom of our hearts! I hope to continue the success that all your hard work has helped me to achieve.  To my brother, Mr. Thaddeus Iberosi, I thank you and your wife for all the efforts you put in making today a success.


And to everyone present here today, we appreciate you, and on behalf of my wife and me, we would like to thank all of you for sharing our special day with us. We are especially grateful to all my friends who traveled so far to be here.

-         Engrs. Elias Igwegbu, Ijere Kanu, Ikemefuna Okereke, Gabriel Ifezue, Dayo Onasanya, Mitch Debrah  ... We thank you immensely for all the presents, prayers and kind thoughts. We really appreciate your generosity in this regard.

-         And for my relations and friends namely: Mr. Nnamdi Okoro Prince Eddy Ikwubuo, Mr. Oliver Iheme, Mrs. Mary Anyaibe, Dr & Mrs. Bernard Nwaiwu, Dr Marshal Madu, Dr. Richard Nwachukwu, Chief Cosmas Okoro, Nze Ben Nnawuihe, Mrs. Jude Anwukah, Mr. Emeka Iwunze, Mr. Ifeanyi Iwunze, Chief Iyke Iwunna, Mr. Sabbi Agwumezie, Dr Ifeanyi Osuchukwu Dr & Mrs. Chris Nwachukwu, Mr. Kyrian Metu, Mr. Ezenna Metu, Dr Emeka Nwokedi, Mr. Emeka Odueze, Mr. CJ Odueze, Chief Eddie Nnaji, Mr. Charlie Ike, Mrs. Jovita Nganwuchu-Achife etc.,  from the Diaspora, who had to change traveling plans in order to accommodate my events, we say a big thank you for the tremendous outpouring of love and support. Also, we are grateful to Chief Bar. OK Ahanotu, Dr &  Mrs Jude Ezeala, Prof. & Lady Mazi Ojiaku, Chief Ralph Nnaji, Engr. Bob Ezendu Dike, Mr. Eddy Duruoha, Bar. Chinedu Nganwuchu, Engr. Belon Duru, the Mbagwus, Chief & Lolo Dennis Nwokedi, my God parents- Chief and Lolo Venatius Durugbor, Chief & Lolo Alloysius Nganwuchu etc.(can't name everyone...list too long and not enough time) Chief Athan Ogoh, executive secretary to the governor, the deputy commissioner of police Imo, my maternal uncles and wives, the clergy especially Monsignor Peter Onyebuchi- vicar general Orlu diocese, Rev Dr John Ukwuoma, Episcopal vicar Orlu diocese, Frs.: Joe Egbule, Tony Nwosu, Victor Ekwomadu, Basil , Mbagwu, Oforka, Choppy  etc., Ndi Ezes, especially Ozo Ano Of Amazano, Eze Udo of Amurie, Eze Sinobi iii of Umuaka, for finding time to celebrate with us today.

Thank you, to everyone who helped in one way or the other in making this day special...


You know a few weeks back I had called and asked Lilian how she looked in her wedding dress and she said good. You see that did not prepare me enough for when I saw her walk down the aisle. I was overwhelmed to say the least by how beautiful Lilian looks today.  I just want everyone here, especially Lilian, to know how lucky I feel to be here right now. Lilian is beautiful, intelligent and hardworking. The list of her good qualities is extremely long. But seriously, to my wife, my bride and joy, thank you for everything you have done. You know everything about me and love me just the same. I have my faults yet you still agreed to marry me. I am extremely lucky today to be the one to marry you- I hope this is the start of many happy years together.

Since I proposed to Lilian last year Dec 25, it feels like the events of the last 12 months have flashed by in a whirl. We have enjoyed the organization of this event. Well I say "we", really Lilian and my Mom did all the hard work, I just agreed to show up today! So a big thanks, to all that have helped us, but especially to Lilian who has managed so well.


I would personally like to thank Dr. Don Oguamanam for agreeing to be my Best man, in spite of his commitments at Ryerson University Canada, Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. When Don was trying to breeze through his grading, in order to make the trip back home, I had implored him to pass all his students as a tribute to this occasion. I don't know if he did but I am glad that he is here today and standing by me. Don has been my best friend in the University of Lagos and I am especially pleased to include him in our special day. He has been a rock of support over the years, and especially over the past couple of days he has been with us with his beautiful wife- Dr. (Mrs) Joyce.

SPONSORS:  To our sponsors Hon. Chief and Lolo Chuma Nnaji, Deputy Speaker IMHA,  we thank you for the honor, encouragement,  support and  above all  blessing us with your presence for the past 2 days; and the able way you managed the "igba Nkwu" as Chairman. There is no gainsaying that your exalted position and your colleagues you brought along, added glamour and pomp to this occasion. We love you and urge you to always stand by us.

Chairman: Our able chairman Chief Dr. Simon Amanze Odueze, Igwegbajiriegbe 1 of Akah, and our elder statesman in Dallas Texas, we thank you for being such a capable chairman. We appreciate how wonderfully you have piloted the affairs of today.

Chief Dr. Obinna Duruji, I thank you for being here. There is no doubt that you have been an inspiration to a generation of Akah Youths through your indomitable efforts and can do spirit. God bless you sir. .. 

Engr. Elias Igwegbu: Eli, we are still talking about the wonderful time we shared with you last August when you came for my late brother's memorial. Thank you, thank you for all the efforts in promoting my show among our guys from Federal Government College Enugu,  the extra efforts you put in this time in making Dayo and Mitch feel good, and always trying to "out gadget me". We particularly enjoyed your enthusiasm, because sharing a laugh with dear friends is surely one of life's greatest pleasures. 

Engr.Dayo Onasanya: Apeoo, I appreciate your presence here today. It makes me recognize that those desultory walks down the Lagoon front at Unilag, to bemoan our fate at the hands of Prof. Ijaola of ”man is the architect  of his own misfortunes" fame and our escapades during our NYSC in Ondo Akure- were not in vain. You represent a period in my history and I salute you for coming.

 Nnamdi Okoro  : man I can't thank you enough for  your support. You've been a "friend-brother" over the years and it did not surprise me when you donated one of the cows that were killed for the Igba Nkwu. Certainly your thoughtfulness was not lost on my in-laws. And I appreciate it.

Engr. Mitch Debrah, thanks a lot for not allowing the fiasco that is world airlines deter you from coming. I appreciate the effort and I hope the last two days have been everything you expected. I promised you fun and I hope we have delivered.  

know I can go on and on as each and everyone of you present here today, mean one thing or the other to me and I acknowledge you. However, I will have to make a long story short.

So finally, thanks to my grooms men and members of the Unique Committee of Friends Club, Imo State. You guys have been great, especially in ensuring that things ran smoothly today and living up to the motto of our club, that "...Good Friends make Good things happen". 

Thanks also to Lilian's Bridesmaids especially, the Chief Brides maid- Chioma Egbusinwa. Girl I can't thank you enough for all you've been to my wife. Helping her deal with all those morning sickness...haaa, I am sure was a feat you were not prepared for, but for your love and friendship.

And to the Ushers, "Aso ebis", Caterers, my uncles and my relations I thank you all for everything. God bless you all.

Now Ladies and gentlemen, please be up and standing. I would like to propose a toast to all those who made today run smoothly- the bridesmaids , groomsmen, ushers, "aso-ebis", photographers, DJ, MCs  musicians, Caterer, cake maker and decorator - Mrs  Rose Egeonu.   Have I forgotten anyone? If so thanks and come and see us later for a special attention.

Well I can go on and on and stand here and give you a load of stale old jokes, but instead I will leave that to the best man. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Don Oguamanam